Student Testimonials

“Majoring in Ethnic Studies allows me to develop multicultural competence by furthering my understanding of the intersections of race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality. Not only has the Ethnic Studies major taught me how to work with people with diverse cultural experiences and social positions, but it has also enabled me to receive a distinguished scholarship, which significantly advances my pursuit of higher education.”Amir Franklin, B.A. 2020: Ethnic Studies Major, Women and Gender Studies and Spanish minor
“The Ethnic Studies major is what has drawn me to Edgewood College. I received an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and had been working in the field for a couple of years when I realized that to make more of an impact in my work, I needed to understand more deeply about racial disparities and the history of race and racism in the United States. Majoring in Ethnic Studies has helped me to do just that.”Shawna Lutzow, B.S. '17 in Ethnic Studies
“Pursuing a degree in Ethnic Studies has helped me understand the histories and struggles of the peoples of color in this country as well as the dynamics of privilege and oppression.These understandings are necessary to advocate for a just and compassionate world without racism.”
- Katharine Clements, B.S. '16 in Ethnic Studies & Nursing
“My minor is especially coming in handy as I interview and fill out teaching applications because it is the mission of most school districts to prepare students for ‘understanding and living in a multicultural world.’ They ask me how I would be prepared to do that, and I always state my Ethnic Studies minor as something that gave me resources to do so.”Kera Denk, B.S. '12 in English Teaching (Ethnic Studies minor)