Ethnic Studies Major

Launched in fall 2012, the major appeals to students who are interested in pursuing an interdisciplinary major and engaging in the critical study of race and ethnicity from multiple disciplinary viewpoints.

The major is uniquely flexible and attainable: its required and elective courses carry a wide range of general education tags (16 out of the 25 required tags), and the electives are often cross-listed with courses in other disciplines. Thus, the major leaves room for a minor in another discipline and for such high-impact experiences as study abroad and participation in the Honors Program.

Because of the cross-listed courses, the major also offers opportunities for double majoring within four years; it is often possible to pair the Ethnic studies major with a more traditional major in a range of disciplines, such as History, English, Religious Studies, Art, Communication Studies, Psychology, Sociology, and Studies in Education.

Ethnic Studies scholarships and fellowships are available for students who major in Ethnic Studies.

The Program also offers a variety of student development opportunities and experiences, such as internships, senior research, work-study positions, and participation and leadership in the Ethnic Studies Association (ESA).